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You need information to run and grow a successful business. We can help you find it!

Business-Oriented Databases

Watch this video to see how our Reference Librarians and Business First! can assist you in finding free resources including our business-oriented databases to create customer lists, develop and gather competitive intelligence (CI), and investigate industries.

Brown Bag Business Lunch

Get valuable professional development and business information at this brown bag series. Librarians and guest speakers will highlight a different business topic the first Wednesday of every month from 12-1 PM at Centerville Library. Bring a lunch and prepare to network and learn!

Small Business FAQ

Get detailed guidance on demographics, patents, trademarks, business plans, licenses, financing, taxes, and much more.

Small Business Seminars

Attend a seminar taught by experienced Dayton SCORE professionals on sales, websites, back-office functions, front-office functions and more!

Business Research Request

Complete this online form with your specific business information request and a librarian will research your topic and send you the information.


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