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Visit the Alexander Hamilton Exhibit at the Centerville Library from November 29 to December 31, 2016. Teachers and homeschoolers are welcome to attend the Alexander Hamilton Exhibit as a group or class visit. Find additional teaching resources to supplement your visit to the exhibit. The exhibit and corresponding events are made possible through a partnership with Centerville-Washington History.

Quick Facts About Hamilton:

  • Served as the New York delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention in 1787.
  • Sponsored the Bill of Rights earning the nickname, "Father of the Constitution".
  • Assisted General George Washington as one of his primary aides during the Revolutionary War.
  • Served as our nation's first Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Supported Thomas Jefferson over Aaron Burr in the 1800 U.S. presidential election eventually leading to his death.
  • Died in a duel against his political rival, Aaron Burr.
  • Pictured on the face of the U.S. ten dollar bill.


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