Business Services: Small Business FAQs

Business Services: Small Business FAQs
Get detailed guidance on demographics, patents, trademarks, business plans, licenses, financing, taxes, and much more.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Business

I'm starting a business, what do I need to know?

Where can I find local demographics and statistics for the Washington-Centerville area and Montgomery County?

Where do I find business and industry ratios?

Where can I obtain lists of businesses?

How do I research investments?

Where is the Library and what are the hours?

What do I need to know about business taxes?

How do I finance a new business? Are there grants available?

Where do I obtain a business license?

What are the regulations for registering and incorporating my business?

How do I write a business plan?

Where can I get information about women in the workplace and women as business owners?

Where can I find information on patents & trademarks?

How do I find information about doing business overseas?

How do I find journal or newspaper articles?

Where do I find salary and compensation information?