Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees
Library Board Photo at Woodbourne Library Fundraising Gala 9/20/2018
This seven-member board governs policy for the Library and ensures taxpayer dollars are being spent judiciously. Trustees are appointed by the Centerville City Schools' Board of Education and serve seven-year terms. Trustees volunteer their service and are paid no monetary stipend. All Trustees are residents of Centerville or Washington Township.

Current Board of Trustees and Library Director

Photo of Elizabeth Cline

Elizabeth Cline

Photo of Barbara Denison

Barbara Denison
Vice President

Photo of Richard Carr

Richard Carr
Board Member

Photo of Robert Hanseman

Robert Hanseman
Board Member

Photo Carol Herrick

Carol Herrick
Board Member

Photo of Ram Nunna

Ram Nunna
Board Member

Photo of Liz Fultz

Liz Fultz
Library Director

For information on applying for the Board of Trustees, or to contact the Board with a question or comment, email the Library Administration at:

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