History of the Library

About:  History of the Library
Learn about the Washington-Centerville Public Library's rich 200+ year-old history.

Early Beginnings

Going Public

Centerville Library

A Second Library

Growth and Change

A New, "Million-Story" Building

Skyrocketing Usage

National Recognition, Funding Changes, New Services

A Busy Y2K

Continued Success

Levy Passage Results in New Services

Number of Items Checked Out Tops 2 Million

Library Ranks 10th Busiest in the State Among Public Libraries

Patrons Can Check Out Library Materials Without Ever Leaving Home

New Formats, Convenient Services Delight Patrons

Celebrating the Good Life

"Most Beautiful Book Ever Written" now at Centerville Library

New Library Catalog Offers Patrons More Features and Functionality

A Pattern of Innovation and Excellence

Kids Get Their Own Website

Library at the Forefront with Video Games

Market Driven Collections

Convenient and Civic-Minded Services

‘Brary Blogs

Library Collections and Services Assist During Recession

200 Years of Great Books, Great Libraries

Communicating the Need for Local Support

Friends of Washington-Centerville Public Library Debuts

eCollections & Library Hours Expand

Supporting Early Literacy

Continuing Education and Enlightenment at the Library

Checkouts Continue to Grow

Improving the Patron Experience

Survey Says!

eCollection Usage Doubles

Great Return on Investment

Growing and Improving Facilities

Exhibits Abound

Friends of Washington-Centerville Public Library Win 2016 OLC Award

Library Implements RFID Technology, New Self-Checkout Machines

Woodbourne Library Expansion & Renovation Project